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Compliance has always been vital to a nation’s prosperity. With the current developments in our economic and legislative environment, compliance has risen to the top section of our priorities.

We realize that creating the right environment to mitigate risk, optimize performance and protect the company and its investors must be one of our main objectives. This is why we aim to create the right compliance culture at Ring Harbour, act with integrity and embrace the legislative requirements. In order to thrive, we need to be vigilant. So we make it our commitment to go beyond the compliance checklist and take a comprehensive, risk-based approach in all assessments.

We provide our staff with vital skills and knowledge required to develop, sustain and improve operational compliance risk. And we didn’t stop there.

Our Project Developer ensures that all our sales agents are equipped with these compliance skills too. And we won’t stop there too.

We aim to ensure that all our suppliers and partners will become compliant as well. Because, together we can.

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